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Employ understands that you have a job to get done and we’re here to help.

We’d welcome the chance to sit down with you to review our services.  Our team is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Employ is currently offering three lines of service; Temp Services, Direct Hire Services and Call Center Services.  Each line of service is designed to provide you with the staffing resources you need to get the job done.


Temp Services

Our Temp Services provide labor on an as-needed basis.  Some employers require labor for a day and others need a candidate throughout a season.  Regardless of your need, we will fill the position for you. Our pre-screened candidates have the credentials you need to trust that you’ll be satisfied with the support we can offer.

Direct Hire Services

If you need the help finding a permanent, long-term professional than our Direct Hire Services may be what you need. Employ works cooperatively with employment agencies, employee search engines and our direct marketing efforts to find you the long-term candidate you need.  We’d be happy to discuss our hiring practices with you today!

Call Center Services

Sometimes your business needs a little extra help with handling phone calls or making sure that after-hours calls are handled professionally. If that is the case for you than our Call Center Services can help. Our Call Center features options for standard business hours (8AM – 5PM; Monday – Friday) and nights and weekends (After 5PM; Nights, Saturdays and Sundays). We can help put a smile on the phone with your customers when needed.


At Employ, we’ve made the process for contracting services very simple and we’re working to make it even easier with online employment notices that you can complete and post instantly coming soon!


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